01 June, 2020

Cooking and Food Photography

Spatchcock Chicken Dinner Image Credit Anré Uys Photography
Spatchcock Chicken Dinner Image Credit Anré Uys Photography
Weekend Cooking is a Vernon Chalmers and Anré Uys Food Photography Website and associated Facebook Page for showcasing food photography images created at various locations in Cape Town and around the Western Cape, South Africa.

When considering the various elements and logistics of food photography many new photographers may find the simultaneous preparation and photographing of food quite a challenging proposition.

One of the future objectives of the Weekend Cooking website is the offering of opportunity for new photographers to gain an understanding of the planning, organisation and cost-effective execution of photographing the cooking process and appealing food photography on a tight budget.

The Weekend Cooking website will be promoted as a food photography planning, workflow and post-processing platform for the demonstration and application of various Canon EOS cameras, lenses and lighting options for photographing food from preparation to presentation.

The Weekend Cooking website will also demonstrate some of the recipes and food preparation for the local South African cuisine prepared and photographed in a home cooking environment for two to four people.

Many of the cooking and food photography / lighting resources that I have read and still consult is also listed on the Weekend Cooking website.

The traditional South African braai will also get a fair amount of publicity on the website as well as the different varieties of local red, white and sparkling wines we enjoy while preparing the various dishes.

Image: Oven grill spatchcock chicken with lemon butter, garlic, thyme and roasted baby potatoes.