Traditional South African Braai Food Preparation Cooking Weekend Image Copyright Vernon Chalmers Photography
Getting ready for the in-studio braai...
About Weekend Cooking
Weekend Cooking predominantly focus on food prepared / photographed on Saturdays and Sundays, but dishes from other days may also feature from time to time.

We have been interested in food preparation and presentation for most of our lives and am looking forward combining South African and Italian signature dishes with our love for photography.

Most of the dishes on the Weekend cooking website are our own interpretations from cooking for many years. 

We do not claim to be expert chefs in any of our food preparation, recipes or presentation, but with the combination of close-up and macro photography skills we are able to assist other photographers in similar positions - of cooking and photographing their own food.

As with  our own photography our  cooking is generally as authentic and natural as possible. Although various elements of post-processing are applied in food photography images we strive to re-create what was seen through the lens with as little as possible editing and change.

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